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Knowledgeable Professionals  Providing Individual Tax Filing

Fendell Tax Services of Phoenix, Arizona, offers nationwide service for your state or federal tax filing. Our educated and experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you get the most on your return.

Our Customers

Whether you are a college student filing taxes for the first time, are an immigrant new to our tax laws, or you simply need help with your yearly return, we are here for you throughout the year. Many of our customers are immigrants or refugees who have relocated to the United States and need help because they don't speak English. We can also help customers from different states file their returns securely. Whatever your individual circumstances, we can aid you in filing your returns problem-free.

Individual Tax Preparation

Our professionals take care of all of the paperwork and filing of your state and federal taxes. Tax season starts in mid-January and the time for filing is regulated by the government. The deadline for filing your taxes each year is April 15, but you are allowed to file up to October 15 as long as you do not owe the government. We provide year-round services because we want to be here to assist you beyond what you find with typical tax preparation services.

Filling Out a Tax Return Form

Client Education

We provide tax forms and educate you on the tax code for your own understanding. Our trained tax professionals discuss your taxes with you in terms of what kind of information is required, what we provide to the government, and what information is unnecessary, whether you file yourself or with us. We provide continued support in the event you have questions at any time.

Choose Us for Tax Preparation

If there is an issue with your taxes, we will be available to assist you in any way we can. While our prices vary depending on the complexity of your returns, we keep our rates competitive with an average cost of $60-70 for a single individual. We care about you and provide exemplary service so you will feel comfortable returning to us year after year.